Kirschner is one of the best at preparing people for success in the entertainment business. Her guidance is invaluable for anyone entering the market, regardless of what path you may choose.
— Barry Kotler, agent, Creative Artists Agency (CAA)
I traveled 1,800 miles to Hollywood, spent two years in film school, and worked at one of the most powerful talent agencies in Hollywood. Only after all of that did I learn what’s contained in this book.
— Sean Covel, producer, Napoleon Dynamite
The Hollywood Game Plan is the best book we’ve found for helping our students gain a realistic view of what it takes to break in and thrive in the entertainment industry. Author Carole Kirschner speaks with the voice of a wise and seasoned insider. The book is mandatory reading for our Los Angeles immersion semester, and students respond very positively to its readability and savvy advice.
— Kathy Bruner, Co-Chair, Media Communication Department, Taylor University
Simply buying this book will jump start your career by a year; actually reading it will jump start it by ten.
— Chad Gervich, writer/producer, Wipeout, Cupcake Wars; Author, Small Screen, Big Picture: A Writer’s Guide to the TV Business