The Man Behind the Meme: Hollywood Dictionary

The Man Behind the Meme: Hollywood Dictionary

A few years ago, a humorous take on Hollywood terms made its way to my inbox. I liked it so much, I included it in the Appendix (page 247) of my book Hollywood Game Plan: How to Land a Job in Film, TV or Digital Entertainment. At the time, I had no idea who originated this list, so couldn’t give credit where credit was due. Thankfully, I now know the mind behind the mystery...

Canadian writer producer Josh Miller.

Here’s a portion of Josh’s Hollywood Dictionary:


To schmooze : befriend scum

To pitch : grovel shamelessly

To brainstorm : feign preparedness

To research : procrastinate indefinitely

To network : spread misinformation

To collaborate : argue incessantly

To freelance : collect unemployment


agent : frustrated lawyer

lawyer : frustrated producer

producer : frustrated writer

writer : frustrated director

director : frustrated actor

actor : frustrated human

Compound words

high-concept : low brow

production values (1) : gore

production values (2) : explosions

production values (3) : major female star gets naked

entry level : pays nothing

network-approved : has made them money

highly qualified : knows the producer

Written by Josh Miller, for the Television and Film Institute for Screenwriters, Canada.

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