5 Smart Ways to Market Yourself as a Writer – Even If You Don’t Want To

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There are countless digital platforms to make use of today, which means countless platforms to market yourself as a writer. Getting your foot in Hollywood’s door as a screenwriter largely has to do with people knowing who you are, so what better way to make yourself easily accessible than putting your content online? Once you’ve decided exactly what your writing voice is, use one (or more!) of these platforms to get your voice/vision out there. There are overworked millennials at agencies, management companies, studios and production companies whose main job is to find you.

1. Make a Blog

A blog is a great way to show off your writing chops since the only thing truly involved in it is your writing and your insights/opinions. Unlike other platforms, blogs are 100% driven by writing, so it’s easy to have total control and get across exactly what you want. Focus on your voice or a specific topic that interests you and let your creativity do the rest. 

2. Make a Web Series or Series of Videos

Web series are hugely successful in translating your ideas into a visual platform and making them easily accessible to, well, everyone (especially those overworked millennials). Sometimes pitching or describing an idea of something doesn’t have the same impact that actually seeing that idea realized. Make it easy for your audience and do the work so your creativity shines through. 

3. Put Up a Show

If you’re based in Los Angeles or New York, there are countless stages and ways to get involved to put up a show. Even if you’re not in a big city, house shows and backyards work just as well. Spread the word via your social media platforms inviting people to attend, then post videos of the show afterward to entice people to come to the next performance. Putting up a show showcasing your voice and vision is an effective way to market your name and brand (I hate that word too, but suck it up, because that’s what it takes to differentiate yourself from the army of other writers trying to get noticed) and make your writing career a reality. 

4. Submit to Writing Publications

If you’re trying your hand at fiction, just like blogs, getting published is another way to market yourself as a writer (and looks good on a list of credits). Look for open submissions to places like The New Yorker, McSweeney’s, ReductressThe Onion, or other similar publications to get your name associated with a respected publication. Large publications often have thousands of readers, and it’s a gratifying way to get recognition for your work. 

5. Get a Following

I’ve seen a growing number of folks make their mark and get staffed or hired as writers after getting recognized for their writing on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram. Twitter is a particularly good way to show off your personality and writing chops, and Instagram can act as an engaging short video platform. Get creative in what these popular platforms have to offer and use it to your advantage in showing off your voice, vision (and yes, brand) and get noticed. Just so you know, before you walk into a meeting, the executive or producer has checked out your social media and formed an opinion about you. Make it an impressive one.

There are endless platforms to take advantage of; it’s just a matter of figuring out which one can work best for you. Again, market yourself as a writer by staying focused on your voice and your brand, and the digital world will help do the rest.

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