Everyone Gets Fired: 6 Ways To Bounce Back From Rejection

Everyone Gets Fired: 6 Ways To Bounce Back From Rejection

So one of the most painful experiences of my executive career was when Amblin didn’t pick up my option for a third year. I wasn’t surprised – and they didn’t fill the position for two years after that – but it still hurt. Badly. It took me about six weeks of buying unnecessary clothing purchases and driving around town listening to Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, while the tears poured down my face, to get through it. But I survived and went on to even better gigs. You can too.

Here are some of the things that helped me.

Wallow in it for a full week. Scream, cry, buy shoes or obsessively play video games, eat ice cream, worry your family and friends sick.

Put it in perspective. Talk to other friends who’ve been through this. If you can find other people who were fired by the same person who fired you, all the better. Find stories of famous people who have been fired, yes, you and Albert Einstein got the axe.

Lick your wounds and move on. Acknowledge you’re still in pain, but move forward any way you can. Ask friends for help, take baby steps. Create something new, redo your resume, draft a cover letter to use later.

Critical self-evaluation. Now that you have some of the tears and rage behind you, ask yourself, was there anything you could have done differently or better? Sometimes, you have to take some responsibility but other times, you might have done nothing wrong and there were other factors in play that were out of your control.

Craft your story. Be able to tell people what happened but put it in a positive light. Don’t talk shit about anyone, even if they were awful. If all else fails, you can always say it was fascinating to work with such a big personality. And now you have these new contacts!

Start again. Network, start new projects, and put the word out to anyone who will listen that you’re looking for a new opportunity. Keep it up until you land. And remember, helping other people makes you feel better. Recommend that friend to an agent or buy the homeless guy a sandwich.

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