The Top 7 Podcasts for Screenwriters


Whether you’re stuck in traffic, on the subway, or flying to Timbuktu, podcasts are a great way to build your screenwriting knowledge when you can’t squeeze a book or a panel into your schedule. Bring the knowledge of Hollywood’s best and most interesting with you with these podcasts for screenwriters you can’t afford to miss. 

1. 3rd & Fairfax: The WGAW Podcast


This podcast is a great jumping off point if you’re searching for interviews with some of the top writers in the industry. You’ll find anything from an interview with The Duffer Brothers to WGAW-hosted panels jam-packed with insider knowledge at your disposal. 

2. On the Page with Pilar Alessandra


Pilar Alessandra has one of the best podcasts for screenwriters today. Consider this your one stop shop for advice on how to handle unconventional gigs, how working in a writers room is essentially dating, and how to break the rules of storytelling like a pro. You may just find some advice from a familiar voice along the way. (Hint: it’s me, and it’s lucky episode 376).


3. Happier in Hollywood


Let veteran TV writers Liz Craft and Sarah Fain walk you through the shiny and not so shiny parts of a writing career in Hollywood. Learn how to take care of yourself in the craziness of show business, how to be confident in a pitch, and most importantly, how to keep your cool during a celebrity sighting. 


4. The Writers Panel with Ben Blacker


Couldn’t make it to that awesome writers panel Tuesday night? No worries! Here’s 400+ panels for you to listen to anytime you want. From interviews with Vince Gilligan to Amy Sherman-Palladino to Damon Lindelof, you’re sure to find an episode that’s just your size.

5. Children of Tendu


In terms of podcasts for screenwriters, this is certainly a top pick. Learn the ropes from a team that knows them the best and let Javier Grillo-Marxuach and Jose Molina walk you through the important topics such as the laws of showrunning, how to get an agent, and why every writer should havea good psychotherapist.


6. Black Men Can’t Jump in Hollywood


If you’re a writer, you’re already analyzing films like crazy, so why not add a comedic twist? This podcast analyzes the race and diversity issues of your favorite films with leading actors of color via commentators that will keep you hooked from the very start.

7. Jen Grisanti Consultancy (Storywise)


Pull back the curtain on the people making your favorite stories with Jen Grisanti’s podcast. With years of story consulting under her belt, her expertise along with knowledge from her interviewees (including yours truly) is enough reason to press play during your commute. 

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